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With more than 80 years of innovative thinking and a focus on customer needs, Wesson has grown with the times to advance energy products and services for homes and businesses in Connecticut communities like yours. Our “whole home” approach includes a range of services including home energy assessments and improvements; heating and cooling products; equipment installation and repair; home efficiency services including weatherization and insulation, and green energy alternatives. From updating your energy systems to developing smart new solutions that help you conserve in comfort, our energy consultants will help improve your efficiencies so you can save more by using less.



Robert W. Wesson – CEO

A third generation business leader, he traces his industry roots back to 1914 when his grandfather started selling Texaco motor oil, becoming a consignee for Texaco in 1935.  Bob is owner of Wesson Energy, Inc. in Waterbury, CT.

Bob became president of Independent Connecticut Petroleum Association (ICPA) in 1981 and served as PMAA director for the association for several years.  He served a chairman of the board of New England Fuel Institute (NEFI) in 1988.  He became northeast regional vice president of Petroleum Marketers Association of American (PMAA) in 1989, senior vice president in 1990, and president in 1991.

Bob is also very involved in community affairs having served as president of the local YMCA, an active member of the board of directors of the YWCA, director of the Waterbury Chamber of Commerce, and also on the board with the Boy Scouts of America.  Bob has served on the board of trustees for the YMCA and is actively involved with the Waterbury Foundation.

Bob received the Connecticut Oil Man of the Year Award in 1984, the Humanitarian Award from the Anderson Boys Club in 1995, the Lucy Kellogg Award from the United Way of Greater Waterbury in the year 2000 for generosity to the community, and the Traurig Award for Philanthropy from the Waterbury Foundation in 2003.

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Craig Snyder – President

Craig Snyder has served as President of Wesson Energy since 2004.  During this time, he has led the company is its mission to become energy consultants by teaching customers how to “buy less product and conserve energy.”  This goal is achieved through energy audits, the installation and maintenance of energy efficient equipment, advanced air sealing and insulation and the creation of a My Home Energy Report.  “Wesson has made significant strategic decisions to sell less oil and propane,” Craig says.  “We embraced this new direction four years ago, and the feedback we’ve received has been fantastic.”

A crucial first step towards maximizing a home’s energy efficiency is a Wesson $99 Home Energy Audit which minimizes payments due on both fuel and electricity.  Wesson has gained clients’ respect and trust by showing clients how to lower their energy costs. The Wesson team has been able to expand the company in a difficult economy by adding more customers and offering more energy services.  “We’re looking at the big picture and what’s best for the customer and the country.  It’s the right thing to do.”

Craig has more than 24 years of experience in the Connecticut energy services industry.  His professional affiliations include leadership and advisory positions for the Independent Connecticut Petroleum Association, the New England Fuel Institute and the State of Connecticut Fuel Oil Conservation Board.  A recognized energy and conservation expert, Craig has conducted recent presentations for several New England energy associations as well as at conferences sponsored by the New England Fuel Institute and the Independent Connecticut Petroleum Association.

Craig is also highly involved in several local civic organizations in both New Haven and Litchfield counties, including United Way, YMCA, Rotary International, and the Salvation Army.  Craig is married and has three sons.

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