School for Energy Efficiency

Wesson Energy is leading the way in home efficiency training

Wesson Energy School for Energy Efficiency


The School for Energy Efficiency at Wesson Energy

Waterbury, CT – Wesson Energy officially opened its doors to The School for Energy Efficiency, a satellite training facility of the Independent Connecticut Petroleum Association (ICPA). The 12,000-square-foot school features a hands-on weatherization lab with life-size displays of interior/exterior wall cutaways, attic floor cutaways and a life-size test house. The facility has two large classrooms, equipped with computers and presentation equipment. The school’s focus is to provide classroom and hands-on training for the home performance contractor industry. It will provide Building Performance Institute (BPI) training and weatherization workshops as well as sales and customer service-training courses for the industry. Students can practice their techniques for blowing in wall cellulose before going to a customer’s home.

Located directly off Route 8 in Waterbury, the location is convenient for students and can be used for large meeting groups as well. Home performance contractors may rent out the facility to provide their own company trainings as well as to hold other educational functions.

Wesson is a BPI-accredited contractor and the school is an accredited BPI training center. Wesson has three instructors devoted to the school, which offers a variety of BPI classes, including courses that provide BPI continuing education units. Wesson brings its more than 80 years of HVAC experience to the school in addition to its more than five years in the home performance industry, including the completion of more than 6,000 home energy audits with direct installations.

To learn more about the school, get rates on renting the spaces or to schedule a tour, visit or call school director Jack Starr at 203-756-7041.

Sample class description: BPI Building Analyst

As the entry level course for the home performance contracting industry, this course teaches participants the basic theory and practices necessary to work in various energy-saving programs in the Northeast. BPI’s Building Analyst Professional training course gives technicians the knowledge they need to perform a whole house energy audit. They learn the relationship between all the systems in the house and the effects on health, safety, comfort and efficiency. The class consists of five days of intensive, comprehensive classroom and field training and testing.

Why choose The School for Energy Efficiency?

  • It is a BPI-accredited training center.
  • It provides the proctoring of the written BPI testing for all courses.
  • It provides on-site field exams in an on-site, BPI-approved test house.
  • Its instructors have actual field experience.
  • Analyst classes are limited to 12 students.
  • The school is conveniently located at the intersection of Routes 84 and 8.