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My wife and I are pastors and we recently relocated from Boston to serve a church in Bridgeport, CT. Before moving our family into the parsonage, there was some work that needed to be done as the walls and windows both contained lead paint. Wesson Energy priced out the windows and they worked very closely with me to coordinate the windows being completed prior to the interior lead abatement. I was very pleased at the quality of the windows and the end result – the parsonage was now a safer, more comfortable home for our family to reside. An additional bonus is that we received $2,492.79 in energy efficiency incentives from United Illuminating, for making these energy improvements. Wesson Energy did a great job, and I highly recommend them.

Rev. Teddy M. │ Bridgeport, Connecticut

I reached out to Wesson Energy back in early November 2014 to schedule an audit on my home. As part of the HES IE audit, they replaced all of my existing light bulbs with new, energy-efficient LED bulbs, and sealed up many areas where cold air was coming in. They also offered many energy saving tips and took the time to explain that there were a number of different programs that Wesson Energy participates in; programs that might qualify me for additional services at little or no cost to me. Long story short, I had no idea that I would be eligible to afford to have insulation put in my attic, and a new boiler and new windows installed. The actual cost of the improvements would have been about $20,000, but through the HES IE Program, I only had to pay about $4,500. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to choose Wesson Energy. Cold weather — bring it on!

Chris E. │ Waterbury, Connecticut

I am so impressed by the service I received, I just have to write and say so. Both technicians, Jason and Kyle, were very informative and thorough in their audit and I was just amazed at all the inspections and measures taken to help make my home be more energy efficient. Both young men were friendly, courteous and professional and very knowledgeable. I am so pleased to have the benefit of this program and want to commend your staff for a job well done. They spent considerable time here finding sources of energy leaks and finding ways to remedy them and never once did I feel like they were rushing through the process! Excellence deserves recognition! And I am sure I will be even more grateful this wintertime!

Arlene F. │ Southington, Connecticut

After a friend told me how pleased he was with the Wesson Energy audit, I immediately scheduled one for us. It was excellent! They were here right at the time they said they would be here. They tested and repaired numerous areas of our house with insulation, light bulbs, etc. It was a very inexpensive benefit!

Zach P. │ Torrington, Connecticut

Thank you for the excellent work you and your team did on the energy efficiency inspection you conducted on my house last week. A few benefits I have seen that will save us money immediately and make our home more energy-efficient:
The process of sealing up areas upstairs in my daughter’s playroom raised the temperature by two degrees where there currently is not a heat source.
When your “special fan” was running, I could not believe so much heat could be lost through my power outlets. Although many of my power outlets are already filled with the child safety plugs, I immediately filled every other plug in my house. This may not save a significant amount of money/energy, but every little bit helps.
We were experiencing a rather annoying draft in my family room and with every effort I made to eliminate it I was unsuccessful. Now that the inspection is complete, I have no idea how it happened, but the draft is gone! Lastly and most importantly: A potential carbon monoxide issue was found with my boiler. Having my family’s safety as my number one priority, I immediately ran out and purchased/installed a CO detector for each floor of my house. In addition, I called our gas provider and set up an annual contract to serve and maintain my equipment to make sure it is always operating safely.
The bottom line is this was the best $75 I ever spent (including all of the energy-efficient light bulbs) and I am now able to sleep better at night knowing my family is safe.
I really appreciate all of the care you put into this inspection and hope you are able to share the same with many many others.

Alan Wheeler │ Greenwich, Connecticut

We recently had the home energy assessment conducted by Wesson at our home. They were extremely pleasant, thorough and informative throughout the entire process.The evaluation took approximately three hours and they were able to identify and demonstrate where our 1920s house was losing energy. The Wesson team worked to solve our energy needs by offering suggestions, a detailed write-up and a number of in house solutions. We can already feel the difference and wish that we had signed up sooner for the evaluation. Wesson exceeded our expectations and we are grateful for all that they did to help us conserve energy going forward.

The Lynch Family

I would like to thank John K. and Russ D. for the job they did on my home visit. I have a dutch front door that had gaps where you could see daylight. No more! The doors and windows all feel warmer. The program was a great value and has given me areas to improve my old home and make it energy-efficient. Keep helping others save money with just a little work done right.

Dreama Erisoty │ Barkhamsted, Connecticut

I wanted to share some positive feedback regarding the energy audit work done by the two-man team of John and Russ. I found them both very knowledgeable and courteous, spending time to answer questions that I had. The work done (blower door test, sealing cracks, adding weather stripping, replacing lightbulbs, etc.) was professional and they left a clean area when they left. This is a great service available to homeowners and with various providers out there, I am glad I chose Wesson Energy.

Kevin Drake │ Simsbury, Connecticut

This is an awesome program that I would recommend to all homeowners. The team was extremely professional and efficient, and I received excellent knowledge and recommendations to make my home more efficient and save some dollars.

Ray Chee │ Oxford, Connecticut

Three professionals from Wesson Energy conducted an energy audit in my home. They were extremely courteous, careful and thorough, both while explaining the parameters of the audit and while performing a variety of energy-loss tests. They also addressed certain heat-loss issues right on the spot, installing energy-efficient lightbulbs, door sweeps, cold air barriers, and additional insulating materials.The audit was definitely valuable, as well as very interesting, and I would recommend it for all homeowners.

Jack Merrill │ Southbury, Connecticut

Joe and Steve are terrific! They are an asset to Wesson Energy. They would be welcome in my home at any time. They are polite, pleasant and great professionals. And my dog loves them! They rock! I will recommend the audit to my family and friends.

Jayne & Caroline

Steve and Joe did an amazing job in energizing our home. They were extremely through and helpful. The suggestions for improving our home will be looked into and followed through on. We are extremely pleased! Steve and Joe were so knowledgeable, polite, and informative!

Linda & Ed

John K. and Devon performed an energy audit on my house. They were courteous, informative, and professional. I am now much better informed about my house and ways that I can improve my energy usage. I greatly appreciated their advice and help, and look forward to working with them in the future.

Chris Farrell

I received your card with respect to my recent service calls on the propane heater in my garage.

Scott had been here last year…this is an old unit and I am not in a position to replace it…and I was as pleased with HIM as I am with Joe who came THIS year. Joe was quick to figure out what had failed and pointed out what to look for as possible future failure based on the age of the unit…more as a heads up and not an up sell. I made the decision to replace that working part NOW that was on Joe’s radar. When he returned with the new part, he showed me both the new part and the one he removed and it was a good call! That was a seriously weakening part! With both technicians, they were great with explanations and courtesy and general friendliness. Joe came at the start of a snow storm and with this year’s track record, I was happy but would have certainly understood if he had postponed!!!!

I am not one to shop around and change companies to save a dime. When my husband was alive, he was happy with the salesman that came out when we DID make the decision to switch because as a “low use” consumer, we were not being treated well AT ALL by our former company and certainly not willing to put in a pool as was suggested to be able to negotiate a more reasonable price as it appeared we were being “punished” FOR being a low use” consumer and there was a push to eliminate that consumer base!!! When we signed on with Wesson, part of the appeal was Wesson did not seem to be prejudice against us low users!!!! We certainly asked about that when we called to set up the appointment so as not to waste your time or ours!

I have made a conscious decision to NOT go on the budget plan and certainly understood when I called this past horrible winter for a Watertown Wednesday delivery and was advised I could not get on that particular week’s delivery schedule. I never call when I am down to the lower percentage (I heat primarily with wood but supplement with propane heat and this winter called for its use a bit more and have a tankless propane water heater, heat the garage with propane and have a propane kitchen stove.) so I was not worried and was pleasantly surprised when, in fact, propane WAS delivered well before the date I was told to expect it. I DID email to thank the company for that as it DID provide me with peace of mind and wanted you to know I appreciated the consideration!

Jackie R. │ Watertown, CT

I would like to thank you for the recent outstanding service Wesson Energy provided to me. I was lucky enough to have been in the house when our oil tank started to leak. It was a 35-year-old 275 gallon tank and must have just rotted through and along the bottom. It had made a spot on the floor about 12" in diameter when I noticed it, so I put a pan under it and noted the frequency of the drops. I waited for Monday morning to make the call and was concerned at that time because the drops were increasing in frequency. To put the situation in perspective, we live in a two level house with our bedrooms and my office on the lower level where the tank sits, so my concern was great. I made the phone call to your office around 8:15am Monday am and by 10am a technician was ringing my doorbell. And by the end of the day the tank had been pumped to a temporary transfer tank outside on our front lawn. That is GREAT service! And in the next two days a new tank had been installed and we were back to normal. Your technicians, Joseph Lanesey, Paul, John, and Larry did a super job along with the guidance of George Lavalla. But I would like to single out Joseph Lanesey for special recognition as he not only has excellent technical skills, he knows how to get along with people, and get things done professionally in a timely manner. Moving tanks in an out over carpets, transferring oil in and out of tanks, re-piping, etc. was all done without a mark on our property... keeping in mind that I am a very fussy mechanical engineer. On the other side of the ledger were some scheduling gaps that left techs standing around for a while that were probably caused by the recent integration of another oil company into the Wesson organization, but overall a super job. Kudos for a great job done. Thank you.

Being co-chairman of our local energy task force, I also would like to thank you for your forward looking emphasis on energy conservation. We like to recommend Wesson Energy when folks inquire about ways to lesson our carbon footprint in Litchfield.

Jeffrey & Christina Benson │ Litchfield, Connecticut │ Customer Since 2006

Had scheduled service for my furnace on 4-30-14. Service Technician: Gerald Boisvert provided excellent 5 star customer service. Great customer advocate. Thanks for your consideration.

Art Ciccarelli │ Waterbury, Connecticut

As a new customer of Wesson Energy, I am writing to share my extreme pleasure with your company, and especially with your technician, Scott L.
When I was “shopping around” for oil this past fall, I signed on with Wesson mainly because of your competitive price. I was hesitant to change from the company I had been affiliated with for many years, but as a retired teacher, budgeting is a key concern. At first I wasn’t certain I wanted to go with a large company; I was concerned that I would possibly be a number, not a name, on a list.
How wrong I am. I have received outstanding attention from your billing department and my personal experience with Scott when I had my scheduled cleaning. He was extremely pleasant and very informative, explaining the procedure and showing me various things. As a retired elementary school teacher, I tend to ask many questions so I can understand “what’s what”. Scott welcomed my questions and never made me feel I was foolish.I want to commend him on not only his technical skills but his personal skills as well. This is very important and makes me realize that there is more than the best price when it comes to finding the right company. You can thank Scott for this. I was also very impressed with the time he took with me as a new customer showing me the computer “work up” on my energy needs. This has never been done before. Again, I am impressed with Wesson Energy and want to commend your technician, Scott.

Mrs. Lenore Sturm │ Oxford, Connecticut

Both men were here in a timely manner, as we agreed upon — extremely important as we are also a working family.
ID Badges were displayed (great for security).
There was an explanation of procedures
(steps) that were going to be taken while on the premises.
Knowledge of the job I found to be excellent. Appearance: High honors; dressed for the job. Both men used extra footgear over their shoes. This was really appreciated as the floors were just cleaned, and it had snowed during the night/early morning.
All in all the Jackson family appreciated the inspection as well as the recommendations and the work done in order to correct the airflow escape routes.

Caroline Jackson │ Oxford, Connecticut

Devan and Jason were both professional and efficient. They explained everything they were doing, made sure I was happy with their work and I must say they did a wonderful job. Thank you so much for the great service. They are both assets to your company.

Jodie Cepriano │ Watertown, Connecticut

John and Russ arrived on time. They were very professional, explained what they intended to do.
I was impressed with their attention to detail striving to seal the smallest leaks.
John found my fireplace was an issue and sealed the raceway in my attic; this was above & beyond normal sealing in my opinion.
I would highly recommend this team and company to solve energy issues.Thanks for a great service experience!

Jim Anderson │ West Hartford, Connecticut

D.J. and Steve were wonderful. They educated me in ways to improve our efficiency with existing equipment, and also equipment available to purchase that will help. I would recommend them in a heartbeat to my friends and family.


John and Devon were very helpful and informative. I’m a new homeowner and they answered all of my questions. I think that I’ll be saving a lot of money in the years to come.

Scott Saunders │ Plainville, Connecticut

Once again, I want to sing Wesson praises. We ran out of oil last Wednesday evening. I can see why they may have miscalculated since these days I am home all the time and don't turn my heat down. Normally I spend the winter down south. I called - don't know who I spoke to, but she was so nice and so helpful. I said said we would wait until morning, but she didn't want to and sent guys and a truck within about an hour! They filled up the tank, primed the furnace and all was well. I just think the service from Wesson is the best and just wanted you to know!

Gill Boyle │ Watertown, Connecticut │ Customer Since 1971

My new furnace and central air installation has elements that have been dragging on for some time, but its easy to write a complaint. But that is not why I'm writing. A while back, when I was getting pretty frustrated, I met Julie on the phone. I wrote you about her. She was great.Well someone there seems to have a knack for picking wonderful people. Mark Collodel is one of those people. He is one of the most professional, nicest people I have encountered. His work is exemplary, even Yankee Gas commented on what a wonderful installation he did. He has attention to detail, and I've seen him training some of your young installers, he is a wonderful mentor. I felt so confident whenever he would show up here.

But there were still things keeping the job from being finished, parts that I was told several times had been ordered over a period of months. They were not. I called and got Jane Boudreau on the phone. She was kind, caring, and really pushed to get answers.And she would follow up and get back to me. She finally had to put things in John's hands, your VP in charge of sales. He got back to me this past Monday, like she said he would. John gave me answers, promised to stick with it and follow up, gave me his cell phone number, and Im now told things should come together in about 2 weeks.
So yes, you have some issues, but you certainly have done some things right.
I look forward to a long business relationship with Wesson. Thank you.

Robert Dixon │ Waterbury, Connecticut

I would like to thank Kim, Mark and both the installers for their time, professionalism and hard work in making this transition from oil to gas so smooth. I know this is something you at Wesson Energy do daily but to a homeowner it is new and could get overwhelming at times. You ALL have made it an enjoyable experience and I will refer you in the future to family and friends. Thank you once again.

Kathy Frenis │ Waterbury, Connecticut