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My Home Energy Report
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Are you trying to lower your annual energy costs? Do you have an energy plan for your home? Do you know what things you can do to start saving money and using less energy? If you are uncertain about what your home energy needs are, the My Home Energy Report is a great place to start. There is no obligation at all on your part and no charge for the service.

Let Wesson Energy’s certified energy specialists come to your home and provide you with a My Home Energy Report so you can begin creating your plan for a more energy efficient, healthy home. Wesson will send a BPI energy technician to your home for about a one hour visit. During that time he/she will review all the critical areas of your home that affect your home’s comfort, safety and energy needs, such as:

  • air sealing the building envelope
  • weather stripping doors and/or windows
  • insulation levels
  • sealing ductwork
  • tuning-up HVAC equipment
  • testing air quality and combustion efficiency and safety
  • upgrading to energy efficient HVAC equipment and/or ENERGY STAR® rated appliances
  • upgrading to ENERGY STAR® rated doors or windows.

As a result of the visit, the technician will provide you with access to your customized online report of your whole home’s energy performance. Not just the heating system or windows, but your entire home. The benefits of this visit and report are:

  • Overall home rating score
  • A better understanding of the way you currently use energy in your home.
  • Easy to read graphs on the energy efficiency level of over 30 areas of your home
  • Suggestions on how to raise the efficiency levels of your weakest areas
  • A Fixit List, that enables you to customize the work you want to complete, at your pace and on your budget
  • Seamlessly communicate with Wesson when you are ready to move onto any of your projects
  • A library of information that will help you to understand how all these areas of your home are connected

Based on the results of your home audit, there will probably be recommendations on some minor and perhaps major, work you can do to improve your home’s overall energy profile. Wesson Energy’s home performance team is here to help with insulation, new equipment, air sealing services, and much more. We are here for the long term and will work with you to plan out your energy improvement needs that best meet your timeline and budget.

Why wait any longer to learn about ways to make your home more comfortable and how to save money by using less energy. Contact Wesson Energy today to:

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