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How can I incorporate alternative energy?

Alternative energy sources are best when used in conjunction with more traditional heating and cooling products. Solar energy is not going to work reliably in the Northeast where only about half the days are cloudless. If you lived in Arizona, where the number of cloudless days is around 300, you can see where this might be a viable option. In the Northeast, solar can do a decent job heating water for faucets or providing some heat contribution, but only as a partial system. You would still need a backup heating system.

Can geothermal heating help save energy?

Geothermal heating and cooling can be a more viable option in the Northeast. Beneath the earth’s surface, heat is stored as geothermal energy. Once a system is installed, this energy becomes a free, renewable energy source. Using a geothermal heat pump to access geothermal energy can help you heat and cool your home, while reducing the use of fossil fuels and electricity.

How can I find out more about alternative energy?

To find out if an alternative energy option might work for you and your family, contact Wesson Energy. A Wesson Energy consultant can help you understand your options and choose the right equipment to maximize your savings and minimize your usage of non-renewable fuel sources. Let us help you save more by using less.

We provide the following products from leading manufacturers in this field:

Alternative Energy Equipment

Solar collectors and panels

Geothermal accessories

Heat Transfer Products Water Furnace
Tube Collector Geo Tank Hot Water Storage Tank
Flat Plate Collector Alpine FURE IAQ System
IntelliZone Indoor Zoning Control

Solar accessories and kits

TP32U Thermostats
Heat Transfer Products
Kit 1: S8600-002 Complete Solar System: 1/2″ line Set & Accessories

Geothermal heat pumps

Kit 2: S8600-016 Complete Solar System: 3/4″ line Set & Accessories Water Furnace
Replacement Pieces/Parts for Solar Flex Pipe Envision All-in-One Series
Pump Station Copper Sweat Adapter Fittings Synergy3D Series
Variable Speed Solar Pumps with Flanges Legend Series
Versatec Ultra Series

Solar hot water heaters

Envision Hydronic Series
Heat Transfer AProducts Envision Outdoor Split Series
Superstor Ultra Envision Indoor Split Series
Superstor Ultra SB
Superstor Ultra SE

Geothermal pool and spa heaters

Superstor Ultra Drainback DBX Water Furnace
Superstor Contender SSC Envision Series
Superstor Contender SB
Sperstor Contender SE
Phoenix Ultra High Efficiency
Phoenix Evolution
Versa – Hydro

Solar pool and spa heaters

Heat Transfer Products
Superstor Ultra