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Power outages bring potential dangers with them – no heat, no water, freezing pipes, mold when air conditioning goes out, and loss of refrigeration, lights, and communication. Wesson’s Generac brand whole home backup generators can help guard against these dangers to keep your family and home secure.

How whole home generators work

An automatic stand by generator is positioned outside your home, much like a central air conditioner. It is connected to your power supply and is constantly monitoring for power interruptions. As soon as it senses a power loss, it automatically notifies the transfer switch to shut off the utility power line and use the generator instead. Typically within 10 seconds your power is restored. While running, the generator uses either natural gas or propane for power. Upon restoration of your utility power, the generator switches to standby, awaiting the next outage.

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Generac is the top-selling home standby generator brand in the United States and Canada, providing automatic, hands-free backup power supply.. WHEN your power goes out, your Generac standby generator will go on within 10 seconds of determining power loss, providing 24/7 protection to you and your home.

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Simple annual maintenance is required for a worry-free ownership experience. Wesson Energy offers a low cost annual tune and test plan that provides oil and filter changes to ensure maximum performance for years of reliable service. Preventative maintenance helps to ensure the unit will perform as needed when the power goes out. Click here for information on our tune and test plan.