Oil Tanks

Oil Tank Information

The home heating industry has developed a variety of tanks to make sure that oil is safely contained. Most tanks used for domestic heating oil are steel or composite material containers that hold about 275 gallons, weighing more than one ton when full. Their tall, narrow shape lets them easily pass through standard doorways, but makes them fairly unstable unless they have secure supports to keep them from tipping over. A Wesson Energy consultant can help you understand tank sizing, features and benefits that you need for your home.

Wesson carries the following basic and specialty units by Granby, the leader in tank development.

Oil Tanks: Basic

  • Granby
  • Standard
  • Standard 20+
  • EcpGuard
  • EcoPlus

Oil Tanks: Specialty

  • Granby
  • Cylindrical
  • 2-in-1 Safety Tank