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As a premier Connecticut energy company, Wesson Energy provides Connecticut homeowners with heating and cooling products that are safe, cost-effective and efficient energy for the whole home.

Home heating oil. As an established Connecticut energy company, Wesson Energy has more than 80 years of experience in providing premium home heating oil at competitive prices, with services such as automatic or on-call delivery and price protection. Not only does Wesson understand the advantages of home heating oil, we also specialize in helping our customers determine how home heating oil fits into the bigger picture of their home energy needs. Our focus is helping you conserve in comfort.

Propane. Wesson Energy is also a full-service Connecticut provider of propane. We offer propane appliances, installation and service in addition to propane gas delivery, providing our customers with a clean, safe and versatile alternative for home energy. Our propane services include automatic delivery, which ensures that you will always have propane in your tank. Whether you’re a longtime propane user or you’re considering propane for new uses at your home, Wesson can evaluate your needs and help you choose the right propane tank and appliances.

Bioheat. Many of Wesson’s clients choose to combine home heating oil with biofuel for a more renewable, environmentally friendly solution. Whether you’re new to bioheat or you’re looking for a way to incorporate a cleaner, biodegradeable energy in your home heating system, Wesson can help you determine how to improve equipment efficiency and reduce your impact on the environment.

Alternative energy. Wesson often assists homeowners and businesses with integrating renewable and clean energy sources, including solar and geothermal, without compromising comfort or convenience. Our expertise can help you estimate costs, weigh the benefits, and ultimately reduce your reliance on fossil fuels.