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Home heating oil as part of the “big picture”

As a home energy consulting and premier heating oil company in Connecticut, Wesson Energy is acutely aware of rising energy prices and the burden these higher costs can place on our customers. This has caused increased interest in better efficiency through insulation or furnace upgrades as well as alternative energy options. At the same time, we know that not all of our customers have the resources to upgrade, renovate or convert all or part of their home heating systems to incorporate newer energy technologies.

Whether you’re considering upgrading your furnace, adding a new alternative energy system or simply looking to stock up on fuel for the winter, Wesson’s experienced consultants and home energy audits can help you determine the best combination of energy products and services to help you conserve energy and keep your monthly costs as low as possible.

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Premium heating oil, automatic delivery and price protection

Why choose Wesson Energy for your Connecticut heating oil needs

If heating oil is part of your home heating system or if you’re considering it, Wesson Energy can help you determine how heating oil can fit into your overall home energy plan — now and in the future.

We offer premium heating oil at competitive prices, with options for automatic or on-call delivery. Unlike gas utilities which generally offer little service, we protect our customers with 24-hour emergency coverage, 365 days a year. We also offer preventive maintenance, system upgrades, price protection and service contracts. With our history of excellent customer service, you can rely on Wesson Energy to ensure that you’ll never run out of home heating oil.

We treat our oil with UltraGuard™, the most advanced additive available for heating oil, to protect your equipment and keep it clean. A clean heat exchanger extracts heat more effectively from the fuel combustion process, so your home heats more quickly, and you conserve energy. UltraGuard also eliminates impurities that can harm your tank or cause a heat outage. Your tank lasts longer, and your heating system performs more reliably.

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To request heating oil delivery in Connecticut or for more information, please contact us today. Our knowledgeable and experienced customer care and service staff will be happy to set up your service and answer all your questions.

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Home heating oil advantages

For many customers, home heating oil and natural gas will continue to play a major role in their home heating systems. Home heating oil offers many advantages relative to natural gas:

Heating oil is economical and efficient. Oil heat systems achieve a significantly higher efficiency rating than gas, propane, wood or electricity. Heating oil generates a hotter flame than natural gas, so it heats your home and your hot water supply in less time. This higher efficiency means lower home heating bills every month.

Heating oil is safe. Unlike natural gas, which is highly explosive, heating oil is difficult to ignite accidentally. In fact, if you were to drop a lit match in a bucket of heating oil, the flame would go out.

Heating oil burns cleaner. If you notice soot or a smell, it’s almost always due to poorly maintained equipment. Heating oil furnaces pose little or no threat of carbon monoxide poisoning because equipment in poor enough condition to produce carbon monoxide generally will not operate.

Heating oil offers dependable supply. As with every petroleum product, the price of heating oil goes up and down, depending on the cost of crude oil and other issues. However, since there are dozens of oil-producing countries, the United States does not depend on any one region or foreign country for our supply. In fact, more than 40% of our crude oil comes from the United States. In addition, the world’s total proven reserves of crude oil are about 10% higher than they were in 1980. This makes oil a dependable heating fuel of choice.

Heating oil offers superior furnace systems. With proper attention, home heating oil systems typically last 30 years or more, compared to 15 for the average gas furnace. To help keep your system healthy, we treat our home heating oil with UltraGuard, the most advanced additive available for heating oil. This helps protect your equipment and keep it clean.

Environmental advantages of heating oil. In terms of overall emissions, heating oil is cleaner than natural gas and getting even “greener” every year through modern improvements. In the past 20 years, the sulfur content of heating oil has been reduced from more than 1% to an average of 0.25%. Home heating oil is biodegradable, nontoxic, has no carcinogens, and produces less greenhouse gas than natural gas systems. When properly adjusted and maintained, new oil heat systems create no soot, dirt, or odors in the home.

Heating oil is versatile. Today’s home heating oil systems can heat with water, steam, warm air, or hydro-air, which uses water and warm air. Oil heat systems can provide heating and cooling. They can also be fitted with air-cleaning equipment and humidifiers. In addition, with home heating oil you always have the supply you need stored on your own property – you choose how to use and conserve your supply as you need it.