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Wesson Energy is a full-service CT propane company, offering appliances, installation and service in addition to propane delivery in Connecticut. We sell and install propane equipment from some of the world’s top manufacturers, including high-efficiency appliances that reduce consumption and save money. Our service team includes propane experts who are fully certified to repair and install all household propane appliances. Our wide range of services include automatic delivery, which ensures that you will always have propane in your tank.

Whether you’re considering propane for the first time or you’re thinking of using it in new ways, Wesson Energy has the expertise you need. We’ll evaluate your requirements and help you choose the right propane tank and appliances.

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If you’re looking to reduce your home energy costs or you’re adding a new feature to your home or property, you may want to consider propane. For heating water, cooking meals, drying clothes or keeping your home warm and comfortable, propane is a versatile energy source. Here are just a few ways propane can add to the comfort and enjoyment of your home.

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Gas-Fired Water Heaters

You’re in hot water with propane! Homeowners spend up to 20% of their annual water heating costs just to keep the water in their storage tanks hot. Propane water heaters heat water ONLY when it is needed. There for reducing energy loss and costing 60% less to operate.

Benefits to propane water heaters:

  • Temperature adjustment is more precise.
  • They have sturdier components and heating elements that last longer.
  • On demand hot water saves money.
  • Smaller storage space.

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Propane Heating Systems

Propane furnaces offer you warmer air than electric heating systems. Electric furnaces produce heat lower than body temperature, which is why air feels cool when it is coming out of the vent. Gas furnaces heat air at 120 degrees F and operate in short intervals to minimize operating costs.

Conserve in comfort because:

  • Propane furnaces last 15-20 years – that’s 5-10 years longer than electric furnaces.
  • Propane furnaces can be vented horizontally and vertically eliminating the need for a chimney.
  • Propane can keep your home warm and comfortable during electrical power outages.

View our large selection of propane furnaces & boilers

Propane Fireplaces

Warmth without any work! With a switch or remote, turn on and off a propane fireplace. Propane fireplaces can be installed as freestanding units, wall inserts, traditional masonry, or various other contemporary designs. It’s Worry-free supplemental heat!

Reasons to consider a propane fireplace instead of a traditional fireplace:

  • All heat radiates to your room.
  • By using a switch or remote control, the propane fireplace easily turns on and off.
  • No mess of dirty ashes, embers still burning, or wood debris to clean.
  • Improve indoor air quality in your home.

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Power outages can happen anytime, anywhere. Generate some peace of mind with a home standby generator! Generators can provide a reliable source of electricity for your home in the event of a power outage.

Standby generators run on either propane or gas and can be hooked directly into your existing gas lines. Propane generators can also have an underground tank that is protected from the elements in the event of severe weather for a constant fuel source. A propane-fueled generator gives you all the comforts of home – in spite of the conditions outside.

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Pool & Spa/Hot Tub Heaters

Aren’t pools & spas more inviting when the water is at a comfortable temperature? You can have the perfect water on demand with a propane heater. Get your pool & spa to the perfect water temperature much faster than an in efficient electrical heater. Propane pool & spa heaters conserve energy and are far more cost friendly.
Pool & Spa heaters can range from spa and hot tub sizes at 5,000Btu/hr to 400,000Btu/hr for full size swimming pools.

View our selection of pool & spa heaters

Propane Patio Heaters

Propane patio heats can offer heat to make your comfortable on cool & chilly mornings and evenings. A 20-foot radius of heat can bring the temperature between 10 to 30 degrees higher. Patio heaters come in a variety of sizes including adjustable temperature controls and lights to help keep your entertainment going long after the sun goes down.

Cooking with Propane

Did you know that 96% of all professional chefs prefer gas cooking? You will too!

Why you should cook with propane:

  • Propane is significantly cheaper than electricity.
  • Propane ovens and ranges give you more control over the heat for precise temperature control.
  • Instant flames allow you to eliminate waiting for electric burners to warm up.

Propane options are available in most of the latest kitchen appliances – convection ovens, sealed burners, griddles & grill tops, even deep fryers!


Propane can be used to heat the air used in your dryer to dry your clothes. Propane dryers are more efficient and are less expensive to run than an electrical dryer. Because of the efficiency of the propane dryers moist heat, your clothes can dry faster, cutting drying time in half along with them being less likely to discolor any fabrics.

Propane Dryers Energy-Saving Features:

  • Moisture sensing controls turn the dryer off when selected dryness level is reached.
  • Polymer-coated drum seals ensures no heat escapes from the drum when the dryer is running.
  • Diagonal airflow pattern allows the dryer to dry and lower temperatures.

Automatic propane delivery in Connecticut

Automatic propane delivery gives you the security of the My Wesson no-run-out guarantee, which assures that you will always have propane in your tank. Instead of constantly monitoring your fuel supply and making phone calls to schedule propane deliveries, you entrust Wesson with the job. We track your supply using a sophisticated program that combines your fuel usage history with recent weather data to gauge your current supply. Deliveries are scheduled to ensure that your home has sufficient propane and keeps you and your loved ones comfortable. Give us a call to schedule automatic propane delivery or contact us online.

When you become a propane customer, you’ll enjoy these great Wesson extras:

  • Sales and installation of high-quality indoor and outdoor propane appliances. We can help you choose the right equipment, install it, and service it year-round.
  • Propane tank installations.
  • Propane plumbing and piping.
  • Propane equipment preventive maintenance plans to keep your propane equipment running reliably and efficiently.
  • Propane delivery service
  • 24-hour emergency service for heating systems.

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