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Wesson Energy Payment Plans
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Smart Pay

Wesson Energy’s Smart Pay program adds manageability and predictability to your household budget by offering the following benefits:

  • rather than paying 60% of your fuel costs during the winter months, your costs are evenly spread over 12 monthly payments
  • you can include your service plan and propane charges as part of your monthly payments
  • you can roll over outstanding balances of up to $500 from the prior year
  • if there’s a credit balance on your account, you earn 6% interest if you’re an electronic funds transfer customer and 4% interest if you pay via check or credit card
  • automatic delivery
  • free enrollment (subject to credit approval and program terms and agreements acceptance)

Other payment programs include:

  • Pre-Buy Program
  • Ceiling Rate Program
  • Fixed Rate Budget Plan
  • Automatic Credit Card Payments
  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • Financing
  • Duel Fuel Incentives
  • Bulk Deliver Discounts
  • Loyalty Points

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