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Wesson Energy Services

Wesson Energy Service Plans

All Wesson Energy Service Plans include a MyHomeEnergyReport and a Efficency Report Card* (*exluding the generator tune & test plan).

Annual Full Coverage Service Plans

A key part of Wesson’s home energy services is our full coverage service plans. Our maintenance plans can keep your home heating system and home cooling system in prime operating condition while providing you with invaluable peace of mind. Find out how you can save up to 10% in annual costs and keep your home efficient and comfortable.

Annual Tune & Test Service Plans

Wesson’s Tune & Test maintenance plans can keep your homes equipment stay in prime operating condition while providing you with invaluable peace of mind. In addition, you can save up to 10% on your annual heating and cooling bills through improved efficiency while staying comfortable in your home.

Our Efficiency Report Card

Our Wesson technician will provide you with your efficiency report based upon the completion of your equipment tune-up. Your efficiency report card will measure and rate efficiency factors such as smoke, draft, carbon dioxide, and combustion efficiency.

  1. Smoke
    Smoke is a measurement of the flue gas density at the rear of your heating unit. This measures your heating emissions. Wesson UltraTech fuel additive reduces smoke emissions, helps your system burn more efficiently.
  2. Draft
    Measured in “inches of water column,” the negative indicates airflow away from the heating unit or up to the chimney.
  3. Carbon Dioxide
    The complete burning of fuel oil is measured by percent of the flue gasses. The reading us affected by the amount of the air introduced at the burner. CO2 reading also indicates how efficiently your burner uses fuel.
  4. Combustion Efficiency
    This measures how efficiently your system burns the heating oil you purchase. At the point that yearly combustion efficiency tests turn around or below 78%, some measures need to be taken to improve your overall efficiency, thereby reducing your annual consumption of fuel oil. The measurement can be very valuable. Older, less advance heating systems are typically less efficient – which means you buy more fuel (up to 20%) in any given heating season.