Energy Efficiency Contractor Services

Seal up your home for long term energy savings

Wesson Energy believes in a whole-home approach to home energy efficiency. This means making sure that the entire house functions as a system: that HVAC equipment is installed correctly, that there is suitable installation and ventilation, and that ductwork is properly sealed and sized. This approach is called home performance contracting.

As part of this approach, Wesson will systematically inspect your entire home to determine how to make it more safe, healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient. This helps you identify and prioritize your options. For example, Wesson might identify insulation as a more immediate (and cost-effective) improvement than replacing a furnace. BPI GoldStar Contractor - Wesson Energy

Why use Wesson contractor services?

Wesson offers experienced, fairly priced contractor services and can also refer you to specialists if needed. Wesson contractors work closely with our home energy auditors to make sure that the work is properly targeted to your specific needs and budget. In addition, we offer a wide variety of services — including testing, diagnostics, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and insulation — and we understand how they work together. BPI certification

Wesson’s contractor services are accredited though Building Performance Institute (BPI), the nation’s premier standards development and credentialing organization for residential energy efficiency retrofit work. As a BPI-accredited home performance contractor, Wesson uses state-of-the-art equipment to test, identify and implement energy efficiency improvements. Our goal is to transform an energy-inefficient, uncomfortable and unhealthy home or workplace into an energy-efficient, draft-free, comfortable, and healthy one while lowering your energy costs and providing “green,” eco-friendly solutions.

Wesson is also certified to participate in many energy-saving programs, including Quality Assurance, LEED, EarthCraft, EarthCents and Home Performance with Energy Star.


Before you sign with any HVAC contractor,
get a personalized inspection and evaluation of your home.
Does your company … Wesson Energy Other Contractor
… run specific tests and measurements in your home (perhaps what is called a “Manual J” data-based calculation) to properly size equipment for your house? (It’s imperative to choose and install the best type of new system in your home. Without it you might over- or under-buy … and pay for years to come!)  Yes Yes   No
… check all registers and grilles in each room for proper sizing? Yes   Yes   No
… look over your existing duct system, do an air flow test and make suggestions for improvements? Yes  Yes   No
… measure your windows, doors, rooms, and look at the insulation in the attic and crawlspace? Yes  Yes   No
Protect yourself. Know your contractor.
How long has the contractor’s company been in business? Yes  Yes No
Is your company licensed by the State of Connecticut? Do they have all the proper insurances? Yes  Yes   No
Does your company provide references? Yes  Yes   No
Will your contractor obtain the proper permits? Yes  Yes   No
Does your company provide you with a warranty on the installation? Yes  Yes   No
Get the latest information.
Did your contractor discuss possible upgrades and benefits of higher efficiency equipment? Yes Yes   No
Did your contractor discuss Energy Star rated equipment with you and possible rebates and tax credits?
Will your company provide an AHRI certification to prove system performance to verify that the equipment is eligible for the tax credits? Yes  Yes   No
Does your written quote include everything you’ll need? Make sure there are no hidden costs or liabilities.
Does the quote include all electric work necessary? Yes  Yes   No
Does the quote state that the job will be to codes of your town and the state? Yes  Yes   No
Does the quote specifically state that the contractor will remove and dispose of your existing equipment? Yes  Yes   No
If applicable, does the quote cover the installation of all the gas lines and tanks that may be needed with the installation?  Yes Yes   No